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Zeno Gill's interest in user experience and web design began when he started creating web sites for various musical projects back in the Twentieth Century. Eventually, having built sites for everything from colleges to chocolates, Zeno found himself working for a startup in NC that was creating a marketing web site for musicians and other members of the music industry: ReverbNation. The dynamic, collaborative environment at ReverbNation allowed Zeno to explore — or at least peek into — every nook and cranny of web dev, user experience, interface design, product design, digital marketing, email marketing, social networking, etc. After five excellent years, Zeno found his way back up to New York, where he settled into another challenging and rewarding role as the Digital Creative Services Manager at Combe, a manufacturing company with in-house marketing and advertising. Zeno's job here was to help the marketing and advertising teams understand what digital options existed for them and to help them execute in those spaces. He worked on everything from web-site redesigns and launches to email marketing programs with hundreds of thousands of contacts.

When not working, Zeno enjoys photography, music, and spending time with his wife and daughter.